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“Location, location, location” is a widespread mantra that is often repeated when shopping around for a property. This real estate mantra has shaped house buying behaviour

The location of properties has undoubtedly become one of the most critical factors for house buyers to consider when buying houses. Location is one of the factors that can determine whether a property will appreciate in value.

Houses Near Zoo Negara

With the property industry booming, every location is becoming viable. More and more properties are becoming available for sale, which even includes the variety of Taman Melawati house for sale. Taman Melawati is known as a luxurious township with many large homes that are surrounded by nature.

Places in Taman Melawati has seen an appreciation in value as they are mostly considered high-rise properties nearby Setapak. This is due to its attractive location being near to popular spots such as the Zoo Negara and Bukit Tabur.

It is also located along the MRR2 and is linked to the city centre via Jalan Pahang and AKLEH that runs through Ampang. Ampang is also an attractive location for properties with many new Ampang condos being developed for sale.

Ampang is a strategic location, as there are various amenities available around the area.

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New Property Cheras, The Land of Many “Taman”

Many Malaysians are also obsessed with Cheras as millions of homebuyers have indeed viewed new property Cheras when considering purchasing a property. There are 11 MRT stops within Cheras itself, making it super convenient for people staying in Cheras to travel. The area has also matured considerably with various amenities being introduced, leading to its population growth.

 People living in Cheras also holds the distinction of having two municipal councils governing their borders as it sits in both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

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LRT Convenience for Setapak, Wangsa Maju and Gombak Condo

There are also other attractive locations such as Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Gombak, and even Setiawangsa. The property owners in this location get to enjoy the convenience of public transports such as the LRT.

Each area has accessibility to LRT stations under the LRT Kelana Jaya Line which is the busiest rail transit line. Many people travel to their workplaces by public transports and properties with good accessibility to their workplace are usually attractive locations for people considering buying a new home.

 Many people who stay in a Wangsa Maju condo get to enjoy the benefit of being able to walk to the Wangsa Maju LRT station. There are also plenty of food stores available all over Wangsa Maju, making it convenient for having meals.

Even if a person’s house is far away from the LRT station, they can still enjoy the convenience of the RapidKL bus that will be able to take them to the LRT station.

Setapak is a very similar area to Wangsa Maju with it being mostly populated by students. This is due to the many educational institutions around that area. A Setapak condo could be a good investment for property owners as they would be able to rent out to students who stay outstation.

There are also RapidKL buses that can take people to the nearest LRT station, which is the Wangsa Maju LRT station within a few minutes.

The newly developing Gombak condo should not be neglected as well as it is one of the rising potential properties for first-time house buyers. Those staying in Gombak get to enjoy the accessibility of the MRR2 and also the availability of public transportation including the Gombak LRT station and busses available that travel to Genting Highland.

House for Sale Setiawangsa In A Secluded Suburb

Property owners who enjoy privacy and silence whilst also being able to be surrounded by greenery should consider the house for sale Setiawangsa. There is not much traffic in that area which makes it an ideal place to settle down.

MRR2 and the DUKE highway are the major highways that connect Setiawangsa to towns and cities. There is also the convenience offered by the Setiawangsa LRT station and various amenities available.